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In today’s world task of raising boys is of great interest to parents. Scientific research shows that boys and girls are different in terms of their development and their brain structure. We also know that on the whole boys have a tendency to be more active than girls and prefer gross motor activity much more often than girls. With continued studies showing that America is falling behind in academics in comparison to other developed nations and the maximum number of talent is represented by the foreign students in the key fields whether it is science, technology or economics, there is a growing urgency to address the educational gap.

Nature of boys:

Nature of boys in this changing scenario of the scientific development and the changes in current culture is creating a sort of specific pressure on parents. In these days the number of boys in trouble in and out of school is also alarming; boys are more likely to be in some form of serious trouble than girls. The danger which is associated with roaming the neighborhood or exploring the area surrounding home keeps kids stuck inside often occupied with electronic media, which stimulates the brain in very different ways than creative play or reading. When the brain is developing phase, it is also being wired learning how to function in or for the future.

Give some time to them:

Always provide ample structure to the activities of your son. It is seen that boys do best when they have stuff to do. Parents should not leave them to their own devices. Leaving upto their devices often result in no harm being done but as there are numerous examples of serious trouble coming from unstructured time which can reshape the future of your child.

Get involved with them:

Parents should assess the current education level of their son and must compare it to the education level he is getting at school. If there is some gap and some mismatch try to fill that gap. Give your valuable time to your boys because once they lack behind in filling this gap, this gap turned to be a big hole and can disturb the whole life. If parents can not redress this problem then they must take the help of educators/private tuitions.

Try to maintain a close, warm and friendly relationship with your son. Try to do those activities with him so that you actually get him to talk to you.

As a parent I have a responsibility to shape the future of my child. In order to do this effectively, I must know how I wish to train him. It is more than simply keeping them out of trouble and preparing them for a good and prosperous future.

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