As soon as after-Christmas shoppers are looking for a good electronic book, Google Editions will reportedly be prepared for them. Google planned to have its ebook retailing operations ready by summer 2010, but technical and legal barriers stood within the way, reports the Wall Street Journal. However such is no longer the case, and a winter launch of Google Editions can make big waves within the e-book industry, particularly with Google’s “read anywhere” format. Source of article – Google Editions to debut read anywhere e-books by Money Blog Newz.

Google Editions groups with independent booksellers

Impartial booksellers tend to group up with Google Editions which will start appearing within the United States before New Year’s Day and throughout the whole world by the end of the first quarter. The Google product management director Scott Dougal said that many publishers said they have been “exchanging files” with Google. Google Editions must be close to launching because of these signs.

Looking for a lot more than just e-books

The e-book Google Editions uses is very different from the competition. This is very important since 65 percent of the electronic book market is held by It does not matter where a consumer buys Google Editions. It will still tie to a person’s Google account after being bought. Customers are able to access electronic books with a web browser whether it is with a lap, tablet, smartphone or desk. Most books have to be purchased at the store in order to read electronic books on any Kindle software. You will find outside sources that make free titles accessible.

The advantage for impartial booksellers is not known

Getting compensation can be the determining factor as to which impartial booksellers work with Google Editions. Google does not know yet what revenue percentage can be offered. The corporations participating in Google Editions has yet to be released, accounts the Wall Street Journal. The American Booksellers Association explained though that over 200 impartial booksellers are planning to participate in the U.S. If Google can get major booksellers like Borders and Barnes & Noble to feature Google Editions content, it could be in line to dominate the electronic book field easily.


Wall Street Journal

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