Tips  from a Single Dad

Due to advancement of technology nowadays, boys are more inclined on the hottest gadgets in the market. Playstation, PSP, online games, and others tend to make them missed reading books and spent more hours in the couch playing their favorite games. Depriving them to play games in their age would draw them away from you and would make them feel insecure for being behind from other kids of their age. Erik Erickson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development describes it as a manifestation of inferiority. But indulging and spoiling them entirely to these stuffs would greatly affect their performance in school.  Employing strategies to make reading and playing goes hand in hand is a great task especially for a single parent.

The Power of Diversion

My friend is happily living alone with his son. His son, twelve- year old kid,  is very much occupied with the different  games the technology can offer. He doesn’t have time to read even a single page of his books. He has a nanny to answer all his school activities and assignments. In this case, my friend discovered strategies on how to develop his son’s interest on reading while not stopping him from playing his favorite games. He said that encouraging the child to read thoroughly the manual of the playstation, PSP, videogames before using, is a big help. He said, “Having the playstation worked to its functional status is part of the game, so they have to explore the manual and read about its connections and stuff in order for them to make the gadget  works. This is the first challenge before they can start playing it.”  And there went the boy on the floor reading the huge manual on how to manage its connections, safety instructions, guidelines and others. In that way you can make the child read and use their critical thinking ability. If things seemed very difficult for him to understand he would call his dad and said, “Come on, Dad, I need you. I don’t understand well what the manual ought to say.” As a concerned father, he replied by saying, “We have dictionary in the house. It will help you understand what the manual ought to say. Oh man, don’t cheat. You can do it. Remember, it is a part of the game.” And there he went to the library in the house and read the dictionary along with  the manual.

Why not a good start?

He encouraged his son to read thoroughly the instructions on “How to play” each game in order to know what to do in the game and avoid losing on the first time you play it. Some of the kids thought that losing is a part of knowing the game because of the belief that experience is the best teacher. But for  the  boy, reading the instructions before playing the game made him better than anyone. Playing directly the game without reading instructions is a waste of time. Encouraging the child to enjoy reading instructions as part of the game will enhance their interests to feel how important reading is and how it helped them. He said that by doing this, reading becomes an easy thing for the kids.  It becomes eventually a good start for them to do his school assignment by himself. This happened because his playtime was not solely the used of joystick and keyboards but, rather, a reading activity.

You see, there are many ways on how to become an effective parent and to make use of the most strategic communication to your kid in order to make them a better one without missing fun. The benefits of enjoying reading last a lifetime. Reading well profoundly affects the child’s academic and professional success, and it also shapes your child’s character. No matter what your child’s age, level of reading skill, and current attitude towards books, it’s never too late to develop a love of reading.


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