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As we know reading and spelling go hand in hand. Now that my boys are taking spelling tests we study the words each day of the week. I have found a couple of fun ways to get them to cooperate with the studying and I would like to share them.

After they know the words pretty good I make up a “funny, gross” sentence using the words. Okay, if the word is milk I will say something like. “The boy sneezed into his milk and it turned green”. They pick out the word and then spell it. Okay, I know this sounds gross but the boys love it! Not only are they spelling they are laughing the whole way through. The giggles make me laugh and watching them try to catch their breath is well worth it! Of course the smile on my face looking at the great grades are worth it too. :)

What are some methods that other parents use to help with studying?


Thanks, Debby





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Your example was a good one.. You can also tell a joke or riddle aside from the gross, it will really help them to have an interest on that matter, and they can easily remember the spelling when they are into it…Or you can have a simple price when they spell the words right..A candy, or an ice cream will do.



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I play scrabble with the kids. It’s a fun way to teach them how to spell correctly. It enriches their vocabulary and teaches them how to be creative with limited letters on their rack.



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My brothers and I used to play this game when we were younger. The main purpose is to of course, be better than the rest and brag about it to our parents. Hahaha! But kidding aside, this really helped us with our vocabulary and more especially our spelling. All we needed was a dictionary. The first player would open it up on a certain page with his eyes closed. He then hands it to someone else in the group. The player would be asked to pick a number from 1 to 10. The number would correspond to the order of words in the page. If the player picks one, the first word on the page would be read out with its definition. The player would then try to spell it. This is super fun (well at least in my experience, haha!) I hope this would be a great idea for parents out there. And I really mean SUPER fun! haha! Enjoy playing with your kids!



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Hi Acapulong!

What a great game! I am going to go and dig out the beginners dictionary as the little guy is 8 yrs old and we are going to try this after school today.

The weather is awful here (snowing and sleet) and I am always looking for new things to try with them.

Thanks for the wonderful idea. Whatcha doing this afternoon? Wanna come and play? LOL I promise I’ll make the boys take it easy on you! LOL


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This sounds to be a great way to help kids with their spelling but it is worth remembering when they find some words difficult. English is one of the worst languages, with regards to spelling. Over sixty percent (60%) is not phonetic and some of the spellings are impossible to get right from the sound of the word. You must always take this into consideration when helping them. There are some rules to help with this problem but not many. In the end it boils down to having a good memory for English spelling.

I could spend hours on this subject because it is close to my heart, the problems people have with English spelling. For some reason it seems to be more of a problem with boys. I can empathies with anyone who finds it a problem because I teach kids and adults with problems of spelling, also I can still remember when I was a boy with such problems and no one was there to help me. I would welcome any feedback to this problem.





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Hello Debi,

What you suggest is a great idea………excellent way to work things out.

I have one more thing to add to this. Always ask the child to learn couple of new words a day and their meaning as well. You can provide them with Readers Digest of something similar. This will make the boy to become owner of a lot of words the meaning of which he knows clearly. The most important aspect of this method is that the child will never forget a word and its usage as well as meaning since it was found by him alone.



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Hello Debby,

I love your ics; This one seems to be very interesting; I’ll try to do it with my students.

I went to add something : scientists say that if you learn a NEW word or a new info you have to use it at least five times after that it will stay longer in your memory; so using it like you did is a very useful way.

Thank you (May God helps you with your 4 boys)



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I think that is a wonderful idea. Put their words into things they are interested in. Sounds like a great idea.



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I think it is a great idea Debby. your kids have a quality time with you as we as having fun and learning!

I suggest that when reading, one should highlight the difficult words. Write it in a piece of paper and find its meaning in the dictionary. In this manner, one can widen his vocabulary.



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I never thought of doing that, Zemlene. I was reading with the little guy today and there were a couple of words that kept tripping him up. I will get the book back out and try this. I am sure it will help. Thanks for the great pointer!

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