The Kids’ Lit Quiz (KLQ) is a literature competition for kids age 10-13 that takes place in the UK, China, New Zealand – and I just learned – South Africa!

Students join together in groups of 4 to answer questions about books from various genres including: contemporary fiction, comics, poetry, classics and more. Excitement surrounds the preparations and the competition as students gear up to compete for prizes. Winning teams from participating schools go on to National finals and those winners go to the World finals.

Many aspects of a reading competition appeal to boys. It’s a great way to renew or reward their interest in reading.

Competitive Nature

Many boys are naturally competitive and tend to enjoy team sports more than quiet time with a book. A contest like KLQ is a great way to create enthusiasm for reading.

For boys who may not be sports fanatics, the literary competition gives them a chance to show off their talents in a way they rarely get to do. And for the sports fans, KLQ is an opportunity for boys who are more reluctant to read to see that reading can be fun, enjoyable and entertaining! Their competitive spirit will encourage boys to read better than any lesson plan.

It’s Fun!

Most likely ‘fun and games’ isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when boys think about reading, but maybe it should be! Kids’ Lit Quiz makes reading fun. The excitement of competing and winning prizes puts books and reading in the middle of a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Since participants must be prepared for any type of question, the competition also motivates boys, who may shy away certain genres, to discover new books and interests.

Team Building & Social Interaction

The team environment of KLQ helps make reading a social activity for boys. Students work as a team to answer questions and they compete against teams from other schools. They will celebrate each correct answer as their team’s score increases. In essence, they get to share their excitement for reading – and winning – out loud with each other.

It is also wonderful for the boys who compete – or even those who attend as spectators – to see other boys from their school and all across the country participating in a reading competition.


For more information, check out Kids’ Lit Quiz

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