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Does Reading at Home and in School helps to develop the habit of reading?

The answer is “yes”. Make him read the News Paper loudly for 15 minutes on a daily basis. Slowly he will develop the nature of reading and his way of reading will also improve.

Teacher’s role :

Obviously a Teacher’s role is vital Just provide a book to him (of course arranged from shcool) on a weekly basis relating to whatever subject. Ask him a few questions based on the book casually while he returns it.You can see him improving each time. That means he started reading and that too seriously. But be careful….. not to use cane for this purpose…..

This practice was very well used by teachers during the 90’s. Bring this back and see the change it makes in a boy…..





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Yes, Reading in Home and in School helps to develop their habit for reading. The habit starts most of the time from home and then from school. Everything starts from scratch. Parents should help develop their habit for reading, after wards the school/teachers role is to improve it by practicing and providing them a lot a books to read.



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I think if anyone see Reading as a habit he will not consider it as a hobbit because when you do something over and over it gets boring and you will look for some changes so it’s better that we learn to love the book as a hobbit (I mean reading) not just a habit that we did every day without any enthusiasm;

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Reading at home at consistent daily basis could really help a lot for boys (as well as girls) to develop their skills and affection with books. Parents are there to guide them and follow up what their kids had learned from school. Through constant friendly conversation with parents, the kids will be able to develop this reading habits at home.

At school, kids are guided with their teachers to learn more skills and how to excel in such fields. Books are always made available for kids to use anytime they like. Teachers should make sure that he/she will gain the trust of the kids so that he maybe able to guide them more every step of the way throughout the learning process.

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