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one observation that i have about boys is that the older they get, the harder it gets to make them read. does this have something to do with their ego? during my high school and college days, boys would pretend to know everything. they act as if they don’t need to read as much as we girls did. i think it has something to do with their ego as they mature into manhood. i personally think that peer pressure during this stage is one big factor. “cool kids” might find it unmanly or unnecessary to be reading and so other kids follow this mind frame just to fit in with the rest of the “cool people” crowd. for me this mentality is totally not right. i would like to counsel teenage boys about the importance of reading. we must emphasize to them that reading is one good way of actually being a role model for other kids.



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Hi Acapolong,

I think you have hit on something.Peer pressure I am sure has something to do with it (along with hormones). Even my oldest who always loved to read went through a spell in highschool where he barely studied. Of course this caught up with him in a short time and he went back to the straight path. I am sure this was due to peer pressure. Thank goodness it did not last long.

The problem with this in highschool and college is they are older and trying to find a way to convince them they need to read and study can be tricky.

Like I said with my oldest he bounced back but I am in no hurry to go through this with the younger guys..argh!


Thanks, Debby



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Ms. Acapulong observation is right…You hit it! They find it unmanly when they see guys reading…I remembered that during my high school days, I have this friend of mine who really had a problem about choosing the man she would love to be his boyfriend..When she already picked the other guy, I just asked her why does she not picked the other one? She answered me, “he just looked weird”..”He always read books, and he looks like a librarian already because he always spent her free time in the library, she answered…Huh…..



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may i just share, i am a registered nurse and during college, we were obliged to read volumes and volumes of medical and nursing textbooks. a trend in college boys in my country is bringing just a pen and one notebook to school. this serves as their notebook for all of their subjects! these guys really need to have some ego check. and they try their best to avoid being caught reading. and i’m like, guys? just what exactly are you proving? are you saying that reading is for weaklings or uncool people? how i wish these guys would realize reading’s worth before it’s too late.



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Four years ago I attended some psychology lessons ( as a part of may teaching training) and the lecturer said some interesting words like: The boys don’t WANT because Girls do! so if the girl read the boy will take it as a Girly Thing he will never do what girls do, this is a scientific truth because the girls (babies or kids) can and love to play with boys toy or play boys games but boys never accept to do so;

I think we have to teach boys that reading is not Girly, (I’ll post a ic about this soon)

Thank you;



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Hi acapulong,

I share the same problem with my students. Just today we had a school fare and my students were so busy with their booths but during their idle time, you would see them playing PSPs instead of reading a book. I guess to most of the kids, it is not an “in” thing to have a book in your hand. Instead, having a PSP in hand is one way for them to say, “Hey, I’m cool!”


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