Voice Recognition

When I was pregnant with my son Timothy, who is now two years old, I read to him every night. While in the womb, he was able to recognize and become familiar with my voice. When Timothy was born he cried until he heard me say his name. I believe my voice was comforting because he recognized it. As a newborn, I continued  to read to him every night. Now, at age two, he can’t sleep without a bedtime story.

Make Reading a Routine Activity

Because Timothy was exposed to reading very early on, he thinks reading is as normal as eating and drinking. He knows reading is comforting, but he doesn’t realize it’s also a valuable educational technique. When he becomes older, he won’t view reading as a chore when he is able to go to school.

Involve Boys in Reading

Now that I have a five week old baby girl, I encourage Timothy to read his favorite stories to his little sister. He is happy to be involved and he knows most of the stories by heart.

Reward Boys for Reading

When I purchase a new book I always reward Timothy for recognizing animals and small words. Sometimes I use flash cards as well to familiarize him with new, longer words he has not yet read. Offering rewards is a great way to get boys to put in an effort to get the reward-and they don’t realize they’re learning at the same time.

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