2:55 – The nature of how information has changed over the years – becoming increasingly more digital and more abundant. Information scarcity vs. Abundancy

5:45 – In the past reading came to us through filters
6:55 – The internet expands what it means to be literate
8:00 * – Especially reluctant readers. Engaging readers on the internet. Just a different kind. Today’s generation is reading and writing more
9:55 – Any skill that uses information to accomplish goals is considered literacy
10:30 * – Let them read what they want to read
11:30 – I came to love reading when I was able to take my time and relax
12:20 – There are a lot of very strong successful leaders who are not strong readers
14:20 – A tip for parents is to respect what their kid is reading. Kids are reading more as a working skill
15:40 – When kids realize they are reading they will respect themsleves vs. not living up to their potential
16:16 – Boys read as part of conversation. Encourage them to engage in social networks
17:00 – You improve reading skills when you read to accomplish a goal. Recognizing that reading is a tool that helps you do what you want to do


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