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Road Trip Reading

Road trips present the perfect opportunity to enjoy a good book, but many people cannot read in the car as they will become ill. But worry not; there is a good alternative to the traditional bound book reading that is perfect for the car. Not watching the movie form of the book, or playing on personal game consol, but simply listening. Books on tape, or more commonly CD or MP3 are great for car rides and though not truly reading, they are a great way to enjoy books.

Since the advent of iTunes and all the other online music stores, you can now easily find many of your favorite books being skillfully read by famous or simply well spoken persons. If you are choosing to listen to one book as a family, you may encounter some disagreement, but as it is most important to keep the children appeased during the trip something that appeals to them would probably be best.

For Young Children

If you have young children, you can find many of their favorite picture and story books being read aloud for a very reasonably price. Just be warned that the short children’s books will only be a few minutes in length, so you may have to purchase several if you intend to listen to them for any duration of your road trip.

For Older Children

For older children listening to longer chapter books is ideal because they may last for several hours, keeping the attention engaged. If you have all girls or all boys, picking what to listen to will be a bit easier, but if you have some of each you may have to consider more carefully what to choose.

Getting Boys and Girls to Agree

For the boys you will probably want something with more action and suspense, while for girls you will want a good and thoughtful story with perhaps a few heartfelt details. You should probably let the kids pick out exactly what they want to listen to and if they can’t agree then you can suggest that turns be taken during the trip.

Many popular books are available in audio book form and are enjoyed by both boys and girls. Such books like Twilight, Harry Potter, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The City of Ember, and Eragon may be good choices as they have elements that often appeal to both boys and girls.



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Listening to books is a great alternative to actually reading. Another great idea to go along with this is have the child(ren) draw pictures to go along with the story. Have makers, colored pencils and maybe even paints available to do this. Many boys love to draw and if you are enabling them to draw a scence as they hear it they are more likely going to get more from it and remember it longer.

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