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Z is my 5 year old son. It’s how we call him, short for Zacchary. He’s not into school yet, but he is going to school – in the School of Mom. A lot of people are wondering why at his age he is still at home. Normally, at his age in a typical school setting in our country he will already be in the kindergarten level. As his parents, we chose not to for the meantime. We believe that a mother can achieve more than what a hundred teachers can do.

And we had seen this work well with our eldest child who is now a sophomore in high school. She started going to a real school at the age of six and all throughout her elementary years in a private school we didn’t spend one single cent for her tuition fee. She was an academic scholar all through out her elementary level. Now, she’s in the best science high school in our place and again for the second time around without us shelling out any money.

By the way, her name is Seil, short for Soleil. Z is being homeschooled, in his preschool years just like his sister. My daughter started reading at the age of four but my son was already a fast reader at the age of three. I can’t remember having changed my curriculum neither change the number of school hours. But what I remember most and will cherish always, are the times I would snuggle up close with each child of mine and start reading to them. Yes, I truly believe that teaching a child how to read even before he starts school will give him a very a good foundation.

I am not a teacher, neither did I take any education subjects or course. I am a mom and the mother’s heart is, I will always believe a child’s schoolroom.





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Hello Cristina, You did what is the best for your little son, because every researches and studies tell that the child start understanding the “Academic” teaching by the age of 6-7 and by pushing him (or her) to school before this age make him hate education, I love your teaching method but I still like the school because it make the child MORE SOCIAL and MORE STRONG for what he will see in life.

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Hi Christina,

  You are right that the classroom is the mothers heart. I started my children at home well before the school did. I can remember when my oldest was in the first grade I received a phone call from the teacher asking me to slow down the teaching at home. My first reaction was “what?!” I was then told that he was so far ahead of the other students that he was moving too fast. I stood there perplexed because I thought I was supposed to be teaching him. I felt like a bad mom.

As time went on I watched my son excel through school and he is graduating this year with scholarships and is representing our state again for computer aided design. I would NEVER, NEVER do anything different then what I have done. I continued to teach all my other kids at home and they have all been great students.

Knowing now what I didn’t know as a new mom had I gotten that call today I would have handled it differently and not felt as though I had done somthing wrong.

You are the parent and its up to you to be the first teacher. Taking the time to nurture your kids both in reading and education is exactly what a parent should be doing. Keep up the great work!


Thanks, Debby



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Parents should be the first teacher as always…being your sons/daughters teacher will prepare the kids more before going to the “real school”..I salute you for the time and effort you were giving your kids.



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That’s great job, Cristina! home is really the first school for kids and their moms are their greatest teacher. I’d say greatest teacher because moms knows best for their children.

Reading this post makes me also want to do the same with my kids in the future. Home school is good intellectually but socially it could have a negative effect on the child.

It might be that the kid will have hardships to trust other people and could not adjust easily in dealing with other kids. So i think it is good if the kids will also have other playmates aside from their siblings. Maybe bring him to a playground once or twice a week so that they can meet other kids like him. Maybe you can squeeze in this kind of activity in you home school program. So that when the time comes that he will enter the real school, he can easily adopt the atmosphere socially.



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I admire you Cristina. True, teaching your kid before formal schooling is indeed a great foundation for your kid. But what I admire of you most is that you are able to read and bond with your kids, making reading an enjoyable moment for both you and your child. Cherish those moments.


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That’s such an inspiring story. I could tell just by reading what you wrote that you love your children so deeply and desire the best for them. That’s awesome! Their are too many parents out there that don’t care or are too busy to care. I give you kudos!

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