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Location: Jamaica

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Hi, I find this site both informative and noble. Now I’d like to add my 2 cents. I’m 23 years old from the island of Jamaica. I am in the process of gaining my first degree. I didn’t always show this much promise, especially back in high school. In high school and even before, I had next to no interest in the English Language or Literature as a subject nor leisure. I merely did the bare minimum to pass. By accident, I fell in love with reading. A “brethren” (Jamaican term for dude, male friend, or pal) was sent to remedial English and somehow convinced me to jump into the class. It was my 8th teacher that really set me on the right path. She taught me how to write creative stories to express my imagination and I soon found myself reading a 300+ page book “Harry Potter” in my past time because I LIKED IT! Reading’s not exactly popular among the guys I was hanging with nor with the rest Jamaican male population for that matter. The majority feel that the basics are good enough to get by and they’re right. Down here on the island, many illiterate men are successful due to the profits of one business or another but what the guys didn’t realize were that such men are a diminishing breed. I lost contact with most of the guys from back then but sadly, I did see one selling candycane in a parade. Not exactly a role model, I know. I retell this story to motivate my cousins and nephews so they don’t wind up like my old brethren. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you all the best.



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Hi Juelz,

Wow, you are quite the inspiration.Your writing is fantastic. Does this teacher that influenced you so much what you are doing now? I am sure she would be very proud.

Just by reading your post you can tell what a caring person you are. You are taking the time to tell this story to your family so they know how important this is.

I wish you the very best of luck in earning your degree. Please, keep us posted!


Thanks, Debby


Mike McQueen

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in today’s day and age there are not enough role models like you Juelz. There are millions of boys across the world struggling to get through a very difficult lives. So many of them don’t make it through to the brighter side of things. The relationship that you had with your eight eighth-grade teacher is inspiring to all adults, reminding us that we can influence kids in many ways. Bravo to you and your accomplishments!






Location: Jamaica

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Thanks for all the great replies! I truly believe adults play a major role in shaping a child’s future. I am living proof of that!



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Bravo for you Juelz and your great teacher; I hope you Invite her to join us in this Forum because we are in need of such experience; I like what you said about “due to the profits of one business or another” it really say all about the way of living over there and how Males think.

Thank you Mr Juelz .



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Your story is very inspiring. This teacher that you had must be really proud of you and your parents as well. Your writing style is nice and smooth. Keep it up and continue inspiring other kids. God bless!



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I think teachers make or break a student’s path to learning. Either they inspire us to love school or despise learning altogether. You’re lucky to have found that teacher who put you in the right track.

All the best!



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You are a great role model to your country. One step at a time we will be able to move our cause forward. It might be a tiny speck right now but inspiring people like Mike, Debby and the rest of you guys certainly would make a difference in lives of people we encounter.

Keep on being a role model in your own way.


~~~a stone is not carved by force but by constant friction~~~



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As much as it takes a great teacher to inspire, it also takes a great student to listen with an open mind. You went against the norm and in return, discovered the wonderful world of reading. A world that is filled with flying wizards, dragons, suspense and drama. I hope you continue to be a positive example to your brethren and that one day they will share your love of reading.

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