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Just as walking, the ability to read is a vital skill an individual should posses throughout his life.  Several researches have shown that children who are inclined in reading academically outperform either those who grapple on it or those who totally dislike it.  It is in this light that the effort of getting boys to read has been aligned since boys have a slower rate of developing language skills than girls.  Therefore, it is of great importance that parents and teachers help create an inviting atmosphere so that boys would not be denied of learning this proficiency.

Best Books to Give Your Boy

Always remember that every reader has a preferred genre.  This also applies to boy readers.  It may be that they are reluctant to read because they have books that are not appealing to them.  It is worthwhile to take note that these readers prefer adventure, science fiction, sports, facts/ trivia, even comics and magazines.

Reading and Technology

Since the dawn of the worldwide web, it seems that books are having a tough competition with its digital counterparts.  It is noticeable that boys are more interested in tinkering with the library computers than searching through the card catalog in order to get a material.  Institutions can come up with a book-based contest involving thorough computer research.  While at home, parents may opt to spend some time browsing and reading educational websites of interest.

Male Reading Role Models

Boys may have a wrong idea that reading is a “girly” activity.  They might notice that most librarians are female and the usual bedtime stories are being read by mommies. This stereo-typing can be corrected by letting them know that men also love to read.  Schools may well choose to invite male readers such as the local sheriff or the church pastor whenever there is an occasion.  Bedtime stories are not only limited to mommies.  Daddies can bond with their youngster through this activity and very well be an inspiration to develop the habit of reading.

Let Your Boy Join Book Clubs

Be it in your community or at school, encourage your boy to join a book club.  It will enhance his interest in reading through activities and games. Attending a session would give a fun feeling for reading.

There are countless ways in order to get boys into reading.  However, parents should consider their boy’s preference in books and reading activities. Those factors coupled with encouragement and fun experiences will definitely get boys reading and exploring the world of books in no time.

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