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A Tale of Two Boys

My husband (Jake) is one of those men who still has a friend (Daren) that he has know since grade school. The two of them were neighbors and grew up doing everything together: tromping about making forts, biking, swimming, and getting into scraps. They were the best of chums, but as they grew they developed differing interests, mainly my husband grew to love reading and his friend grew to love television and video games.

Jake was in a good way to develop a love for reading, although this love didn’t necessarily come from his father or mother. Jake’s older brother, Adam, was the one who introduced him to his first chapter books, The Belgariad series, by David Eddings. These fantasy, adventure books were the first to draw Jake into a love relationship with books, which has been with him ever since. In addition to his older brother, Jake also had a very doting aunt who was forever giving books as birthday and Christmas gifts.

Daren was not in a good way to develop a love for reading. With an indulging mother and a nagging stepfather, Daren spent most of his time in front of a television. Over the years Jake continued to read novels while Daren’s reading rarely ventured beyond seedy magazines and a few car magazines. Daren even neglected to read his school books, which may have resulted in his faliure to complete high school

The primary difference between the two boys was that Jake was encouraged to read by family members, and saw them reading, while Daren had none of that encouragement and rarely saw his family members reading. Now that they are grown, Jake and Daren still hang out and do car work together, but despite my husbands encouragement I have yet to see Daren pick up a novel.

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