Teaching Our Children To Love Reading

When I was a child my parents would say to me all the time how important reading was. I was one of those lucky kids that while my parents both worked full time they always took the time to sit with us and read and help with homework. My mother was in nursing school at the time and working to pay for her education. My dad worked full time in another state so his hours were also very long. But that never kept them from making sure us three kids were getting the education and help at home that we needed. I will forever be thankful for this.

I now have children of my own and teach them the importance of reading. From reading daily with them to being there to get through the homework. All are great students and I cherish this time as I know it will not last long.

When I found out about this new site I was thrilled! A place where parents and teachers and anyone that understands how important it is for boys to read to all come together for the same cause. I love the fact that I can ask questions and get answers as well as read what the educators have to offer. This has been a wonderful experience for both myself and my family.

I just want to say a huge thanks and I look forward to meeting and getting to know people who share the same ideas and dreams.


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  • HeartofaMom

    Hi Debby,

    I have always believed that what you teach your children is what you really believe in. Reading is my passion since I was a child and guess what I produced, two younger versions of me !

  • Mike McQueen

    You are such a great mom, Debby! People look up to you and what you have to say – you are an inspiration to many.


    Passion goes a long way, HeartofaMom. Your passion can rub off not only on your kids, but on anyone else that reads your comments throughout the site. Keep up the great work :-)

  • Chuck

    To Debby and Rose and All the Moms out there!

    Your vocation is not a job where you can just clock in and out and get paid every month. Your time as a mom is 24-7. Your pay are the smiles from your kids.

    You cannot undo your being a mom. You are and will always be a mom. And your inspiration is of utmost importance for the kids to learn to read.

    I salute all of you great moms out there giving their lives for their children!

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    I think if the boys know they are loved and cherished and they have a Mom that cares that is enough to keep them pointed in the right direction.


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