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The hardest jobs on the planet are the role of a mother and a teacher in a child’s life. There is something very special that mothers and teachers have that most people cannot boast; the ability to develop, to change, to mold something since its infant stages into something strong, confident, compassionate and powerful. All of us can remember one teacher who made a difference, one professor who said something that changed our life.Children need a teacher or a parent who can inspire and motivate them to seek knowledge and guide them along the path to a bright future.

In the classroom motivating students is one of the biggest challenges I face in day-to-day life of teaching. A teacher needs to make many decisions that influence students’ motivation to learn which includes organized instructional methods, enjoyable activities and a collaborating classroom with full of peer support.Also student motivation will be increased when they feel confident and competent. A teacher needs to come up with a perfectcombination of all the internal and external factors to engage or motivate students in learning.

Being a middle school teacher, I am aware of the fact that teenage boys’ negative attitude toward reading usually begin at this age. I have struggled with this dilemma but my Masters degree in education taught me a different approach to engage teenagers into reading.

So while implementing any type of instructional approach or activities to motivate boys towards reading, I keep the following key points in mind:

  1. Boys’ need to be engaged in setting reading goals. The goals should be challenging, but achievable.
  2. Boys’ need to be encouraged to take ownership for their reading, yet reflect on what they have read and accomplished.
  3. Boys’ must be engaged with activities or individual reading that makes real-world connections.
  4. Boys’ should explore the use of technologies integrated in reading that they are already using outside of class.
  5. Boys’ individual differences must be recognized, as not the same thing will motivate every student. Therefore should provide them individual reading activities, feedback.
  6. Boys’ should be rewarded with care, feedback and praise for reading to help build their self-confidence and interest.
  7. Boys’ involvement in collaboration encourages them to master skills at their own rate, for their own benefit, rather than competing with classmates.

As a teacher, it is our job to provide books or activities for our boys that they will enjoy and that will allow them to feel successful in their reading endeavors. During every school year, I encourage you to check up your collection and make any necessary changes to urge the boys into your classroom with cool and witty readings and help them become successful readers.

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