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One of the factors in boys not wanting to read or learn, is their frustration when they think they have got it correct but they have not. Homonyms and moving stress are just two of the problems. I have compiled a list of the  25 confusing words I have encountered with my students. Have a look and see how many you can come up with.

all ready – already

than – then

advice – advise

loose – lose

to – too – two

past – passed

affect – effect

whether – weather

miner – minor

buy – by – bye

it’s – its

your – you’re

stationery – stationary

their – there – they’re

chose – choose

complement – compliment

threw – through

principal – principle

emigrate – immigrate

pull over – pullover

taught – thought

dear – deer

ate – eight





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Hi Keith,

  I was looking at the list and I still have trouble with some of these! Every so often I will be typing away and I will have to s and think and figure out if I have the word right. I do not blame the boys at all for getting frustrated with these words.


Thanks, Debby



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Confusion–that’s it.!..Honestly, sometimes I also got confused with those words. We should try to understand the boys and help them to understand too the meaning of each words that made them confuse.



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I agree with everyone else. I still have problems with some of those words too.



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Earlier, I read articles in msnbc.com and nytimes.com relating to grammar. One NYT writer misused cite-site-sight. So, it’s not just the kids, even adults commit these mistakes.

Achieving proficiency in the English language or any language for that matter is a lifelong learning. Practice and perseverance are key.



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Thanks; Even us (adult) we have some difficulties in this; for example my students always try to correct my board writing, to show that they are smart!!!

So this is not about the boys every human brain make those mistakes;

Thanks again!



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yes i totally agree with the rest of you. These words are really confusing that even us, adults could still make some errors.

We tend to use the wrong word especially when we only heard it from someone else like dictations. We write and spell the word based from what we heard. If the pronunciation of the speaker is not so clear, it is more likely that we write the wrong word.



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Those words are really confusing but with practice and constant reading I know our kids will learn what words to use. They might be able to say it correctly but not able to spell it correctly. What other words are there that are still confusing even to us adults?


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