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I was chatting last night with a friend (a great teacher) about this wonderful website and we were talking about the teachers stories and what effect will do to the students; so she told me one story I will never forget; and I love to share it with you!

She said “This past school year I was pleased when a student I had in third grade came back to personally invite me to his wedding. He said I was the only teacher that had believed in him. It made me feel so wonderful that he would remember me and think enough of me to share the most important day of his life. I can t tell you how great that made me feel. It made not only my day but also the rest of my school year.

Then the day of the wedding arrived. I sat on the aisle seat so I could at least see the groom. When he came down the aisle with his new bride, we exchanged smiles and it made me feel special. I went through the receiving line and got big hugs from his sister, then from him and next his father and his mother. His mother was crying, don’t all mothers cry at weddings?!

I told her how pleased I was to share this special day and she said, “You’ve done so much for our son.” I answered by saying that I was glad if I had, even though I wasn’t sure what. His mother then said that she’d like to tell me what sometime and I responded that I’d like that and sat back down. Soon after the head table was seated I felt a tug on my arm and it was the groom s father. He said, “You’re wanted down front.” I couldn’t imagine why. As we approached his table he told me the groom wanted me to sit with his parents. I couldn’t believe that on “his” special day he would even be thinking about me, let alone want me to sit with his parents. Then the groom got up and came down to my table and presented me with roses. I was in such disbelief! I think I said something like, “This is your day, what are you doing?” He just grinned and went back to sit with his bride.

Then his parents said they wanted me to know “what” I had done for their son. They said that after he was in my class he had a really bad year where a teacher constantly put him down. He began writing that he was stupid, he was dumb and that he hated himself. Then one day he went out into their barn with the intention of hanging himself. He thought of me and my faith in him and couldn’t do it. His parents then thanked me for their son.

Needless to say I was overwhelmed with emotions. After I left the wedding reception, I cried all the way home. I have always promised myself that I would retire when I no longer enjoyed getting out of bed and heading for school. On that trip home I made a silent promise to this young man that as soon as I couldn’t support my students I would quit.”

After she finish her story I suggested that she write this down and share it somewhere in order to affect a lot of teachers. Letting teachers know that they DO make a difference was a way for both the groom and me to really use this to help make a difference in someone else’s life.



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Wow, talk about touching. I think I would have been crying my eyes out the whole wedding. Just to have that much influence on someones life is so big.

The other thing is that people need to realize just how ones words can hurt others. Thank goodness the groom never took his life but it just goes to show how people can be torn by words.


Thanks, Debby



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That’s an awesome and touching story. It really touched my heart. Lessons learned-we must be careful on every words we say, we may never know that somebody’s hurting, and that may affect them a lot.

And I really salute your friend for touching her student’s life and bringing out the best in him that gave him a reason to become a better person.



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Thanks Debby, Thanks Vanessa; I hope every one read this story learn how much the words can decide our future or others too, please share it with any one involved in education or a parent.

See you;



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Wow…that story really struck me hard. It went straight to my heart. I also felt overwhelmed with what your friend had gone through emotional touch on the special day of her student.

this story also reminds me to watch my words in dealing with misbehave kid at school. As a teacher, we are the second parents of the kids. Since they spend most of their time of the day at school. Words has really great powers. It can build the child’s future or can destroy it totally.

I would always remember this story. thanks for sharing this to us.



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Children are really sensitive with the words they pick up from adults. Not only we do have to be careful with the words we use but also how we say those words to them.

Harmless teasing coming from a teacher or a parent would have great effects on the child. Either it makes him feel inferior or be a source of motivation. We can never really tell how a child perceive our words that’s why we have to be careful. Firm yet nurturing and full of respect.

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