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Grade Level – 4 – 5

This is a word game to help students increase their vocabulary. Especially for ESL students/class. Use this as a back up plan.

-have two teams, (“A” and “B”) (split class in half)

-each team picks a representative from each team

-have the class sitting in front of the chalk board and have the two representative sitting on a chair facing their classmates

-write a vocabulary word on the chalk board (ex. air planes)

-team “A” gives clues (one world) about the vocabulary word the representatives tries to guess what the vocabulary word is, give representative description of word etc…

-representative choose their team mates to give them clues on their team, they get 5 clues, if they still didn’t solve the word the next team (“B”) gets to try to solve what the word is etc…

-rotate representative after every word, current representative may choose the next representative for the next word

This helps the students expand their vocabulary, and review vocabulary words. They learn about the vocabulary words in a FUN way and each student contributes their knowledge.

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Sounds fun!

How do the classmates give description? Words only or sentences?

The activity allows the students to be creative with descriptions and words associated with the given word.

We do this game in the office, too. An ice breaker of sorts before we get down to business.



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This sounds so cool!! I am trying to think of ways to change it around a bit. Maybe allowing the kids to throw in fast pictures too.


Thanks, Debby



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It sounds fun! A suggestion though, limit the time of guessing… There should be 10-20 seconds of guessing time or whatever is suitable so as to set things in order. And everyone should have a chance to describe the word.

Great! I’m going to try this in one of my classes and see how it works.


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what if the class is very large like what we have here in my city. For one class, i have more or less 50 students. This is very large number and couldn’t be manageable when you only have to split with 2 teams. It is likely to happen that only few could participate in the game.



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

The first thing is Thank you, than about your question you can add any rule you want (Words or Sentences?)



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Thank every one for those ideas & Improvements, Zemlene if you have a lot of students in the class you can do a quick test for the class and the best ones participate first (at the next time give others the chance) but ask them in the test about general culture to give all the class the same chance.

Thanks for All.

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