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I know that here where I live boys are going crazy over the Twilight book. Many people are reading it and it is a large book. The series or movie has really mad a difference. It has helped boys to get interested in this book. Anybody else have boys that love that book??



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My nephew was studying in an exclusive all boys school.

One day, my sister asked me to fetch her son. While waiting for my nephew,I was so surprised that the boys behind me were reading a copy of the Twilight Book. They were so interested on it. And the thing that surprised me more was when I saw my nephew afterward having a copy too of that book as well as his two friends. Twilight Book catched the attention of many boys!



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Because of the culture in here, Only some boys love to read Twilight Book because it is originally in English and there is only few how can bought it and read it in French or Arabic (Translated)

I have a cousin love to read and he is a big fun TWILIGHT, he read all the version (English ,French) and he is asking me to take him watch the movie.




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If your kids love Twilight, then chances are they’ll LOVE the Harry Potter book series. This is an excellent way to get some fine literature into their system.



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I haven’t read the book nor watched the movie. From the views I’ve read, Twilight is a romance novel about teenage a teenage vampire and a mortal. Question for the parents, at what age do you allow your kids to read romance novels like Twilight?



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Ive watched the movie, and it was really good. I haven’t read the book yet, as they say that it is more interesting to read the book compared to the motion picture. Hope i could get the copy soon.



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I have seen the film as well but haven’t read the book. I haven’t found the time to read books that are not part of the lesson. Most of my students have read the book and Juelz is right these guys also like the Harry Potter series. I was even able to talk to a parent that was able to read all three Twilight books already.


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As a parent, and having read all the Twilight books and seen the movie, I have to say there are worse things out there your teen could be reading. When I was a teen I was reading a variety of books, which included Stephen King. Twilight is tame in comparison but still offers thrill and romance.

Someone mentioned Harry Potter. I have never read a single HP book. I tried to read the first one and could not get into it. I have seen most of the movies though. So, some may enjoy HP if they like Twilight, some may not. I think they are totally different.

I did find a trilogy by Cassandra Clare that is more like Twilight than HP is. It starts out with the book City of Ashes and I have to say, it is riveting. It includes werewolves and vampires.

I also think that if you know of any boys who game or play World of Warcraft, they will enjoy the Clare trilogy. A lot of the weaponry and things used almost mimic the game in some ways. It also mentions the game in one of the books.



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Hi Rose,

I read the entire series because my daughter was reading them and I had heard that later in the series the s-e-x word came into play. The good news is that they wait until they are married and the scenes are done on a very superficial level. The focus being more on whether or not Edward can control himself and not hurt her with his super natural strength.

I hate to list an actual age as all children develop in maturity at different ages. I would think 10 on up, as long as you have open discussions with your children about relationships and you feel they can respectively handle that type of content is fine. As someone mentioned there are MANY worse teen books when it comes to content.

As for HP, I can see a correlation with using super power characters with human like emotions trying to blend with the human world. It is definitely the action side of these books that appeal to boys.

Hope that helps!

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