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I like book clubs for my boys- but I know many of my friends who get overwhelmed at the very thought- “organize another activity for my already over-scheduled child?”

One of my favorite book clubs is a Movie/Book club group.

This type of book club takes alot of the guess work out of organizing a club.

What are we going to read? Pick a movie your child has liked or pick a movie that is soon to be released that is based on a book.

What are we going to do for book club? Watch the movie! Either in the theater or in your home. Then discuss how the movie and the book compared. What did they like better? What was different?

Movies are especially great in helping reluctant readers connect to books. If the movie/book is unfamiliar- I like to introduce the book by watching the first 15 minutes of the movie. Kids get a firm grasp of where the plot is heading, while meeting main characters. Then when they read- they have plot, setting, and character descriptions firmly established. With this important information in place, kids can focus on plot development and not unfamiliar names of people and places.

If the movie is coming out in theater: I use the trailor to wet their appetite.

Either way- they know they will be rewarded for their hard work by seeing a movie with their friends.

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