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Would you like to encourage the budding author in your students or son? Well there is good news. Valuable resources are as close by as the computer he uses to chat online with his friends!

There are a number of great resources online that can encourage creativity and writing for kids.

Online Writing Communities

The communities provide inspiration in the form of story ideas, tips, games, reviews and writing prompts. Some sites even have interactive environments that encourage kids to create stories about the characters they find there, like this one at –

Inspiration from Their Peers

The stories on these writing sites are stories for kids, written by kids. The message boards and forums on these sites provide a place where boys can read stories and post their own stories for feedback. It is a great inspiration for boys to see that their peers are writing and sharing their own stories. If they can do it, he can too!

Motivation through Contests

Most online writing communities have occasional contests in which kids can enter their original work. The contests usually include fiction, essays, poetry or a mix of genres so that all interests can find an outlet. These contests can encourage your students or son to write by giving them a goal to work toward. Most boys like competitions and the entry dates for the contest will give them the motivation to write now and meet the deadline. Regardless of the outcome of the contest, the feeling of accomplishment in completing a story and submitting it will be powerful motivator for boys.


When thinking of the internet as a research tool, your first thought might be research for reasons other than writing. Yet the internet is a fantastic source of information and details to get ideas for stories. If a boy is interested in writing a science fiction story or an essay on wildlife in another country, sites on the internet related to those topics will stimulate his imagination while he learns about the subject.

The internet has great resources to motivate boys to write. Boys spend a lot of time online already and the encouragement to write is just a click away. As an added bonus, they will learn one more thing that the computer is good for!

Writing Resources on the Internet:

Research for Kids Resources on the Internet:

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