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I was amazed with the students enthusiasm about the celebration of Valentines Day tomorrow. Since the Love Day falls on Saturday this year, the students already celebrated this Precious day of hearts in school.

Some of them were on the booths prepared by the student government and programs like king and queen of hearts. This is really an interest of everyone… some of them were sending cards to their crushes, secret admirers gives roses to their apple of their eyes. Chocolates and heart shape cakes were also present.

Love is really on the air in our school today. I realized that students nowadays are really into this kind interest where they could express their feelings through writings, singing , reading poems , and giving special presents to the one that their young heart beats for.

I felt also loved by these young ones through their small efforts at school.

Happy Valentines Day to one and all!



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Happy Valentines Day!

I just arrived home from school. We have a school fair today and tomorrow. And since our school is an all boys school, my students are so excited about this fair (because they are able to bring their “special friends” with them to the fair.)

Just like you zemlene, we have booths and exhibits. I like this one booth which exhibits all sorts of poems. I was surprised because I was able to see good poems. It is good to know that kids are able to express themselves through poems.


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Hello Zem, My student will celebrate the day tomorrow but they have to prepare for the exams so it’ll be some kind of boring for them. But I know that every one has prepared a poem for his/her valentine & a chocolate! This is the spirit of Valentine here.

Happy Day


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