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I was sitting typing this morning and my little guy got out of bed. He walked to my room and told me there was something purple in my plant. I looked at him and asked what could be purple? (In a house with four boys it could be anything). I got up and walked to the hallway and there was his little card he made at school. I opened it and in his handwriting was “I am so happy to have you, I love you” okay that did it!

This is the mom who breaks down at kindergarten graduation so do I need say more? But, I can say this, all the reading and coaching and being there when they are sick is so worth it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day!


Thanks, Debby



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It’s a wonderful feeling to receive a card like that to kids.

It’s like we are rewarded with the things that we did for them.

I also received a heart shape card from my nephew on that day. He said that their teacher taught them to do the cards and that they have to give it to the person that they love. I was glad that he remembered me.



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Hi Deb,

Valentine’s Card!

I love reading your stories of daily events at Deb’s house! It must have been so nice to walk through the house to find that the purple thing in the plant (Valentine’s Card) was something that your son wrote & enjoyed putting together for you. He owns that gift because of what you have instilled in him and all of your children. Your children are very fortunate to have a mother that makes time for them and teaching them the value of reading. (Your story about Valentine’s Day Purple Card… Proves it)!

God Bless!

Dottie :O)


God Bless!


Life is like a box of chocolates “SWEET”!



Location: Rhode Island, USA

Position: Parent

Hi Dottie, I have learned that I am very lucky to have the family I have. As hectic as it is when they are all home I actually miss it when the house is quiet. This weekend I realized just how lucky I was when I got the news about a little girl who suffered from the same things that Jordan does and lost the battle…. I look at my kids and I think sometimes we do not realize just how lucky we are to have the family and friends that we have.This is something that I do not ever want to take for granted.

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