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I discovered lately that we have a walking library here in our country. Walking library ,how? It’s a mini bus, but inside the bus was a mini library. Books, reference materials,chairs,shelves..It is simply a small library and it’s goal was to visit the places where many less fortunate children are living. They encouraged the kids to visit their walking library for free and stay there for about 6 hours to accommodate the kids. I really salute the one who had the idea of putting up that walking library. (how I wish I know the owners). Do you know some other things like this? Isn’t it a great help for the kids?



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wow! that’s really cool Vanessa. that could be a very nice project for the government in our country to reach out those remote barangays. Hopefully the government could give assistance to such reach out programs.

Anyway whoever is the owner of that walking library has a big heart for others. Kudos for him!

I never saw any walking library all my life though. I wish i could also experience reading i such cool library.



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Hi guys! I’m back! Haha! A mobile library is really a great idea for our country (Philippines). This could give kids, especially those living in remote and rural areas, the chance to read or even see some fancy books that are suitable for their age. I just wish there are some teachers or even volunteers who could help out other kids who are having a hard time reading or kids who can’t read at all.


keith at ela

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Hi there Vanessa

I am running an English Language School here in the Philippines and I do my best, by way of lending out the limited books I have, that I had shipped over from England. I would love to be able to start a walking library. I will have to talk to the Governor here in Leyte, who has already given us the premises for our school. Thanks for the idea. It’s great. We do have them back in England where I come from. We call them mobile libraries and they are used mostly to reach the small villages in the area.




Mike McQueen

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They are commonly called bookmobiles in the US –en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookmobile. Our local public library used to have one s by schools all the time, but I think budget cuts put an end to them. Sad.






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That’s so sad, Mr. MIke. That’s true the budget really has a great factor to have this project successful.



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I remember these as a kid. We did have a town library which we went to on a regular basis but this was so much more fun! I do know where I live now could use on but with all the budget cuts it will not be possible.


Thanks, Debby



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I haven’t seen a bus with a library inside. I have seen though a bus with computers inside. Since we are a third world country, computers are not that upgraded in some schools. There are even some students in the provinces who haven’t seen a computer yet. I guess we need more of these programs in the government or even private sector trying to bring education closer to those in need.


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  • Milay

    Our group Mga Diwata Unlimited based in Ghent Belgium is actually planning to put up a mobile library somewhere in Ligao City, Albay. I was wondering if I could get some more information about this walking library so we could somehow base the mechanics of our project on an existing one. We are currently putting up a benefit concert to finance the launching of this project.



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