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Reading is an essential part of life both in work as well as in school. It is all due to importance of reading that significant resources and efforts are spent on teaching children to read. When we see on the whole, boys are little slower in developing the reading and language skills than their opposite sex.

According to some studies boys and girls both love reading in the early years but when they are approaching their adolescence, boys have started to loose interest in reading. In these transforming years if this tendency is not corrected by their parents or teachers, these male teens tend to identify themselves as someone who does not like to read.

Interest of boys:

Boys lose interest in reading because of several factors. The primary and foremost reason that comes to mind in research is the material that we present them to read. We often present them with narrative type of material about subjects that are not particularly interested in. Boys are generally seem to be interested in material that is either more hands on reading that talks about things they can use or reading material that talks about activities that they can enjoy.

Role model:

Generally boys’ especially teen boys see his father/elder brother as the role model. He wants to do like his father or elder brother is doing. Generally he wants to pick all the habits whether good or bad from their elders especially father. If a young teen boy sees his father or elder brothers reading all the time, he’ll be that much more likely to pick up the habit himself.

Be a friend with him:

Try to go to some local book store instead of toy shop and in the book shop try to see the interest of your child. Let him pick the book and spend some time on book with him with questions like why he is interested in this subject or why he choose this book. Being a parent if you know that he loves cartoons then try to buy some books on cartoons and find why he choose this subject with him being a friend and teacher.

Make reading an enjoyable experience for them:

There are various ways by which reading can be making more appealing to boys. Every teen especially boys try to decode the meaning of the words in way that he comprehends what the writer intended to communicate.

It is very much encouraging that when boys are allowed to read stuff that they are interested in, they continue to enjoy reading. As long as this is identified as reading, boys will identify themselves as readers. This enjoyment of reading for many translates into a greater appreciation of reading in adulthood with the necessary skill to be good readers.


Jaininder K Garg

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