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What is phonics instruction?

Phonics instruction is a way of teaching reading that stresses learning how letters correspond to sounds and how to use this knowledge in reading and spelling. Phonics instruction can be provided systematically. Systematic phonics instruction occurs when children receive explicit, systematic instruction in a set of pre-specified associations between letters and sounds. Children are taught how to use these associations to read, typically in texts containing controlled vocabulary.




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phonics is an instruction wherein one could produced the correct pronunciation of the word. this is where one could learn how to say the word correctly with stresses of particular syllables and how the vowels and consonants sound. It very helpful in reading, specially in oral reading and in public speaking as well.



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Thanks Zemlen for your comment; It really help the ic.



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This is one of the first lessons taught in children’s reading classes. I remember my kid enunciating all the vowels and consonants when he was in kindergarten. :)


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Using the IPA International Phonetic Alphabet is the only way to get it correct, to help with speaking and reading.

One of the problems in getting boys to read is the fact that what they hear and what they see on paper, do not seem to be related. This is such a problem with English because more than 60% of English words are not Phonetic.

There are so many different varieties of English in the world and many of them do not understand each other in spoken English, mainly because of poor pronunciation and incorrect use of stress.

For example here in the Philippines, People think they speak English, which many of them do but so many can only be understood by each other and not by native English speakers, this is mostly due to the stress.

The main problem for all people trying to use English, is that they use the same tress patterns as they do in their first language and this does not work.



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