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What is reading fluency?

Reading fluency is one of several critical factors necessary for reading comprehension, but is often neglected in the classroom. If children read out loud with speed, accuracy, and proper expression, they are more likely to comprehend and remember the material than if they read with difficulty and in an inefficient way. Two instructional approaches have typically been used to teach reading fluency. One, guided repeated oral reading, encourages students to read passages out loud with systematic and explicit guidance and feedback from their teacher. The other, independent silent reading, encourages students to read silently on their own, inside and outside the classroom, with little guidance or feedback from their teachers.

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In reading fluency, it is not enough to have the speed, correct pronunciation and expression. Comprehension matters most here. It is the ability of the child to comprehend or understand.

During my elementary years,I am one of the fast readers in my class. Every quarter of the school year, our teacher calls us one by one and let each one of us to read aloud in front of the teacher. She had a watch to record how fast one could finish the book.

Then give us a short quiz after reading. In the first and second quarter, finished the book fast and got perfect in the quiz. But in the third quarter, i wanted to read and finished the book in few minutes more than before… thinking that i could get a higher grade more if i will read it with speed and correct pronunciation. Since, i was really conscious with the time to end the book, i can hardly understand what I’m reading. Consequently, i have a hard time answering the questions asked in the questionnaire. As a result, I got lower grade than my previous readings. Since then, my teacher partnered me with the slow reader.

she gave me a task to teach my classmate to read more. Which i find it boring at times because she stared at the word too long before she could even make a sound. Well finally before the year ends, this classmate that i patiently read with during break time was able to read and comprehend. She got higher grades already, and i felt proud of her.



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Thanks Zemlen you really help my ics with your comments!



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Zemlene, it sounds like you had some teacher in you even then. When did you decide you wanted to teach for a living?


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I agree with you Debby, You can be a great teacher Zemlene



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I am a person who likes reading independently and silently. I see some of my students like this. When they get in the zone of reading, they really get in the zone. You could not disturb them. You know that they love what they are reading because the are so captivated by it.


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