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When I was a kid, I didn’t like reading inch-thick novels. Reading it was like a chore to me. However, when I discovered that there were movies about the classics, I jumped to my feet and read the book version right away. I wanted to do a comparison, movie versus book. It was interesting to find out that not all scenes were included in the movie.



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You can always encourage your kids to read classic novels…They can entice a less confident or skilled reader beacuse of the their predictable themes and familiar characters. There were movies about the classics, they can easily be attracted to read it to have some comparison about the book and the movie, for example. Parents sometimes drive some kids to hate reading by making them do something after they finish a book-make a diorama or write a book report.

As an adult, think about what you do when you finish a book you like. You tell someone about it. Basically, you just have a conversation after.



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I think young boys typically would shy away from classic novels. it would be too tedious for them to read. however, one way of helping them get into these books is through a school play or classroom presentation. it worked for my male classmates during elememtary and high school days. it was a competition so it brought out their competitiveness but at the same time introduced them to the beauty of classic literature.



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Hello every body, As I am an English teacher in my country (Algeria) I used to teach some **classic novels** every single boy student told me that this “type” of reading is very BOOORING, it took me 2 month to teach them (the boys & girls) what does classic novels give us, but I think recently kids are interested in those reading because of the huge publication of the movies and what does cinema tell them to read!




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Many times just the name “classic novel” is enough to scare a child away. Then you pull out the book and its thick! The child is thinking this will take the rest of his life to get through much less not being able to go outside and play for a good long time. A book can be overwhelming if you do not know what the pages hold.

In my parenting I have found that a chapter at a time works great. We read the chapter together and then talk about it. I do this with the 11 and 8 year olds. They actually looking forward to the reading and it has become dinner table discussion. They love trying to guess what is going to happen next in the story.


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I think the best way to encourage kids to read the classics is to let them see that you reading the material as well.Be the role model.If they noticed you,reading hardbound books and your face shows in that you enjoyed reading it… they become curious about what you read too. without your knowledge, they will browse the pages of the book . Some kids will also be asking you tons of questions with regards of the book. if so, you can start relating the classical stories in such manner that will catch their interest. Most kids are very fond of story telling. Its more effective when you have time to bond with the child with reading and story telling. in such case, you could interest him to read a classic book and let him tell you the story after his readings. If he sensed that you enjoyed his stories from the book he read… he will read more!



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I agree. Bribing the kids to read is not effective. They’d think that it’s work and no fun at all. Discussing the book is also a positive reinforcement to the child. It shows that you also enjoyed reading it as much as he did.



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What methods did you use to get them to read the classics?



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When I was in high school it was also a task instead of a hobby to read the classics. Like what you are already doing, let them watch a movie version of the book then let them read the book. You could also give the book review so that they will be encouraged to read it.


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