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Location: Jamaica

Position: Student

With technology changing the way we live, humanity is naturally moving to a paperless society. Personally, I think this is a good thing because literature and educational materials will be cheaper and more accessible, especially in the not so developed world of countries like Jamaica.

I, for one, will miss the smell of a brand new book but for the sake of literacy for boys (and girls) across the globe it’s more than worth it.

Let me know what you think are the pros and cons.



Location: philippines

Position: Classroom Teacher

I think paper will never go out of style. Technologies may have variety forms of reading materials but there’s its not as good as books written in papers.

I still enjoyed my moments in reading novels or even references when it is a hard copy. I wanted the smell of the papers and to feel the pages. moreover, i can understand and relate to the story as if i am really there in the scenes of the story.

When i am also researching something here on the net, i will always have a hard copy of my files.



Location: Rhode Island, USA

Position: Parent

I really do hope the day does not come when paper is no longer used for print. I am not saying that it won’t though.

Just getting a book in my hands is relaxing. I type all day on a computer and yes it has its benefits. But, at the end of the day when I read to relax I do not want to be staring at a screen.


Thanks, Debby



Location: Rhode Island, USA

Position: Parent

Question- If everything goes paperless won’t the not so developed parts of the world have a harder time? If you need computers and what not to be able to get the material?



Location: Philippines

I think having a “paperless” world will not come…Many of us still enjoy reading books. It is more relaxing…We used to enjoyed it more, and I’m sure that our next generations will still adopt it…



Location: Cape, South Africa

Position: Assistant with literacy workshops, maths, photography, art, art history, learning disabilities

Some boys like to read and some don’t. There are many reasons for this and I’ll write an article about it later. I live in South Africa and there are many adult men who can’t read for various reasons.

We are all very much aware of the environmental issues and so being able to read via computer is a great step towards helping to conserve our natural environments.

However, in South Africa and many other African countries, the majority of children do not have access to computers on a regular basis. In fact there are many adults who have never worked on a computer and will probably never be given the opportunity to do so.

Maybe we should be investigating other sources and ways of creating books. So let’s get creative and start thinking of “alternative book materials”. What about getting the world involved in planting lots more trees too.



Position: data encoder

Paperless lifestyle????? You got to be kidding me!!!!

First, reading things and doing everything in front of your computer is dangerous for human’s health.

Eyestrain, diabetes, carpal syndrome and others.

I think it is good if some countries will just donate used books to schools and libraries of other undeveloped countries instead of them buying.

I still prefer reading a book and writing in a paper or maybe printing documents in a paper even if the printer ink is kind of expensive.

Have you guys thought of not having a business contract, birth certificate, marriage contract and other legal documents printed in a paper? I think these documents shouldn’t be inside a computer without a hard copy at all; if it is just in a hard drive it can be deleted and once deleted business contract is not legal anymore; marriage is not legal anymore everything will be FAKE even passports….



Location: Philippines

Position: Parent

E-books abound but the bookstores are still in business, right? Not all people prefer online reading and that includes me.

I think we’ll see a reduction in the paper industry in the years to come, newspapers and publishing houses alike, but not to the extent of wiping out the entire industry.

Also, in impoverished countries where technology is not a priority, reading materials in paper form would still prevail.



Location: Rhode Island, USA

Position: Parent

Hi Rose,

Yes, E-books are very easy to get to now but I have to say I agree with you. I can sit and read for hours on end but if I am trying to read on the computer especially if it is late at night I tend to get tired too quick.

To me there is nothing like the great book that I can hold in my hand and get comfortable with a blanket and relax!



Location: Kentucky, USA

Position: Parent

I do think e-books are good. I mean I love that we can access the book from home and never have to get out. I love books though. I like to have the book in my hand and lay on the couch and read it. Can’t do that with a computer.



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

I am sorry sir but I don’t think that a Paperless World is better that books and paper falling out on you and you are looking for some information (can you imagine this joy), may be you think that this will be cheaper but you missed that Readers love the book also; not only information that the book give, so if we replace books with a digital tablet PCs we will lose the Joy to read and take a book with us at day and night, in travels or on the beach;

I am sorry for being aggressive but I really love BOOKS;

Thanks a lot for this loving ic;



Location: Philippines

Positions: Parent, Classroom Teacher

I still would want a paper in hand. I would prefer a post it than my HP organizer. I still would go for the old way of taking down notes. Although there are a lot of innovations which paper is not needed anymore a hard copy of anything still gives me a different feeling of being at home. I don’t know. I just might be old school in this respect but for me PAPER is the winner!


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