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Both parents play a substantial role in our life…..

we all in debt to them for all what they offered to us….

for the major sacrifices they did till we grown up……

indeed the comparison between them will be the hardest…

since both of them earn a great space in our hearts…..

for me I love Mom because she is the only one who had trusted me!!!……..

What about you? & your kids?



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oh that would be a difficult question for me… I adored both of them , and i don’t want to choose one from the other. I wouldn’t want to hurt them.

Though at times, when things go wrong with the relationship between me and either of them.. I would definitely choose the one who will defend me from the other! lol, But i will have a bias answer since i am hurt and depressed with any of them.

I love both my parents and i want them to be with me no matter what.



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Hmmm, that is a tough question. I am much closer to my Mom than my Dad. My kids are close to both my husband and I but its Mom they want when something is wrong..even the older kids. Okay, I sound like I’m bragging here! I think the kids are close to us in different ways.


Thanks, Debby



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I think I’m closer to my mom in some ways and in so many ways I’m much closer to my dad. I wanted to be like my father. I was afraid of my mom. He taught me how to drive. We played video games together. He played basketball together. He has so many slogans that I still remember up to now. I love them both though. My dad is my favorite. I’m my moms favorite though, I think.


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Location: Philippines

Huh, that is really a hard question…But I love them both. I have a close family, though we have our own differences we really give our best to have a tight bonding. I’m really close to both of them.



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

I liked what you said Deb “closer” this is a fair word to describe your relation with your parents.

Chuck when you said “I was afraid of my mom!” you made me think for a while! because they say that the boy prefer his mother & the girl prefer her father, What do you think!



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Yes Ayoub, I say closer because I am a divorced and remarried parent here. With my older kids and having gone through the divorce I would never want my kids to have to choose between their Dad and I. So as you can see I chose my words carefully with this post.:)

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