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keith at ela

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I asked one of my classes. A class of seven girls, all nursing graduates here in the Philippines, if they could tell me, why boys don’t read as much as girls and why they don’t perform as well as girls.

The following is what they gave me.

Why Girls are better than Boys by Mary Ann Asirit

According to Gurian a psychologist who explores development and structural efforts Boys are more able to exhibit more learning disabilities, behaviour problems and proper academic performance. Boys are better at playing out-door games. Whereas girls are more able to engage in multitask behaviour, they are more likely to receive less attention from teachers and participate less in athletics.

Girls mature earlier, therefor make safer life decisions, they do not mess around and make stupid decisions, which in some cases could be life threatening. Girls behave much more sensible in and out of class, this of course is because they are more mature. Boys always seem to be over reacting and laugh or giggle at small things.

Boys and Girls are different because they tend to express emotions differently. Boys hold back their emotions untill they explode. Girls however tend to express themselves.

Girls out-performing boys by Corazon Poliran

Nowadays, girls are harder workers than boys: they are more ambitious, adventurous, determined, goal orientated and more productive to be able to outshine the boys. Girls learn to fight for their own rights, they are generally more adapt to multi tasking like: a busy working mother who can still find time to take care of her children; a mother can raise her children even without the presence of a husband. Females seem to be able to focus on more than one thing at a time, better than males. Girls also seem to be better reading emotions, perhaps as a form of built-in protection. Women are more emotional but they have the physical power to balance the problems encountered.

Difference between boys and girls by Jenily Sarino

Girls are more interested in learning than the boys because they are more motivated to improve, to achieve their goals and to perform well in whatever they do. Boys prefer playing basketball rather than reading, because for them playing basketball makes them physically fit, they can gain more self confidence and most of all they can get more girls that are attracted to boys that are good basketball players.

Girls are more futuristic than boys because what is important for the boys are their achievements today and for me boys are more on words and not putting it into action, they are full of promises but forget to put them into action.

In terms of relationships girls are better than the boys because girls get along with their girlfriends more easily than they do with boys, because boys, at least most of the boys are boastful that’s why they don’t have a lot of friends. Girls work harder in a relationship, to keep it good, not like the boys.

Before girls stay at home, doing all the household chores but now it’s time for them to shine because what boys can do, girls can also do it and perform much better than the boys.

Girls rather than boys by Rozelyn Cue Kim Dit

Why are girls more determined to pursue what they started than boys? Why are boys more emotionally disturbed than girls? Is it true that boys are more emotional than girls? Do boys tend to show off and be more expressive than girls? Well, let me clarify and answer all the questions I asked. Anyway, this is just a simple opinion of mine, you can agree or disagree.

They say, girls should be a plain housewives in the future and boys are the ones who will look for a job for his family. But, look what is happening right now? Boys and girls are already exchanging their way of living, does it matter? I think not! According to what I see and believe . . . it is right. .! That is their way of supporting their family. . how can boys be emotionally disturbed? Well, boys when they get hurt, they can’t concentrate in their work, they can’t eat well and sometimes they go out drinking liquor to forget everything but look at the girls? Well, they just go window shopping, go out with friends and sometimes they are open to talk about what is bothering them.. girls are really expressive .. in a way that they are hopeless romantics, but boys, they are not..! when they are in love they just smile and sometimes they can’t talk or tell anything to their loved ones.

Why do girls love to read books more than boys by Angelica D, Mabini

Girls love to read books more than boys, because girls are more motivated than boys. They want to learn things more. In terms of studying, girls study better than boys. Boys have many vices, bad habits and work, they spend their time going to other places, playing games, hanging out with their friends and courting girls. Maybe it is implanted in their minds, that reading is just a waste of time, they easily get board when they read books.

However, most girls love to stay at home, unlike boys, when girls get board, they read books and they make reading one of their daily habits. Girls study very well and always want to excel in their class, they are more competitive than boys, that’s why they read and study their lessons. Girls don’t want to be surpassed by anyone, that’s why they are much more motivated.

Boys and girls are different in many ways by Wella lyn D. Maitos

Boys and girls are different in many ways; one of these differences is that girls like to learn more than boys. Girls prefer to read more than boys, who would prefer to play sports, computer games and hang out with their friends.

Today girls are dominating more in academics. Evidence of this is that the number of girls in a classroom for extra lessons is more than boys. Girls love to learn and gain knowledge because they know that being excellent academically means that they would get better jobs for their future.

Nowadays, girls are not caged in the belief that they would only be at home nurturing children and managing a family. Many girls believe now that they can do whatever boys can do, they have begun to come out of their shells and taking control of their own careers. In order to be successful, they know that they would have to learn more and gain more knowledge to be able to prove that they can excel in whatever career they chose.

Are girls really smarter than boys by Jean Mae Abella

Are girls really smarter than boys? Boys believe they are smarter than girlss but at the same time, studies indicate that the majority of girls underestimate their IQ scores by about five points, while boys overestimate theirs by at least that much.

Interestingly, while underestimating their own intelligence, girls also overestimate the intelligence of men in general, most believe that their fathers are smarter than their mothers, and their grandfathers are more intelligent than their grandmothers.

In my own opinion, reading makes a person smart and from what I have observed girls have a passion and more patience in reading books, novels, etc. Girls/women are more keen on reading, even the labels of sachets or any other products they use, because they believe it pays to check the labels, boys/men don’t bother reading details unless it I really necessary, they are usually more preoccupied with other things other than reading, like contact sports, games and other things that rely of physical endurance, reading for them is a boring hobby and a waste of time.

I think there are a few personal issues coming out in their writing but they also make some good valid points. What do you all think?

 keith at ela



Location: philippines

Position: Classroom Teacher

Definitely, all the things you’ve mentioned were true. Girls just take learning and life more seriously than boys. Boys tend treat everything like a game… they are adventurous in all aspects, they are also spontaneous while girls tend to plan and organize things as much as possible. Girls have goals to reach while boys will only live as of the moment and doesn’t think of what future holds for them as long as they did what has to be done for now.

Girls are also more critical and emotional while boys are analytical.



Location: Philippines

Positions: Parent, Classroom Teacher

When I was in high school the  1 in our class was a girl. I think girls work harder than boys. I was a bit lazy in studying back then. I never thought I was gonna be a teacher and keep on studying and studying… hehehe. I love being a teacher.

Unless a boy is able to set a disciplined routine in studying and reading, he will not be able to use his full potential. You know Keith, although girls are more keen to reading when boys get “in the zone” of reading I think no one can beat us at this game.

~~~a stone is not carved by force but by constant friction~~~



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I think the word some is desperately needed, as not all boys prefer playing basketball rather than reading…. infact some girls prefer basketball than reading. These generalizations can actually cause stereotypical pressures, making those boys who do enjoy reading feel that they are somehow making a mistake not being outside playing a sport.




Location: CO, USA

Position: Classroom Teacher

I think we have a tendency to over-generalize. I teach high school, and I think reading/school for boys is different from girls. I teach an English class for Senior Sem, a philosophical, experiential learning program. The readings center around developing a philosophy about life. One of the books I have the students read is Jack Kerouac’s “The Dharma Bums.” The guys liked it, and the girls didn’t, by and large. One girl told me, and several seemed to agree with her, that girls are more about relationships, which the book was devoid of, and boys are more about the journey, which was the focus of the book. I think there is a truth here we tend to ignore. If we build our education system around relationships, which boys find essential but not central, are we doing the boys a disservice? If we make education more of journey, couldn’t that excite boys without abandoning girls? If girls are as relationship focused as this senior thinks, and I’ve heard it elsewhere, then girls will always do well to be well-thought of. Boys, on the other hand, seem to be looking more for fellow travelers. Is this how we can catch their attention? Can we make education more of a revealing conversation than lecture and regurgitate?



Location: Florida, U.S.

Position: Classroom Teacher

I feel genetics is not the answer nor stereotyping Males as needing more discipline, activity, less able, etc.  The problem is how boys and girls are treated that creates enhanced or lagging mental/emotional/social/academic development.  Until society changes the way boys and girls are treated by society, boys will continue to fall behind.

                The Male Crisis is more complex than many think.  The Male Crisis is increasing in many countries.  Our society is now entering into a much greater need for information age skills that require a much different manner of upbringing for boys. For the Black community, the crisis is much worse, for as the socioeconomic becomes lower and more time in generation of lower income, the more amplified the confrontations, neglects, and aggression allowed upon Males. This is a problem for Black Males. Since Females are still protected from this, the scales tend to more drastically uneven for minority Males such as Black Males.

         This is the reversal – In the nineteenth century, we lived in a very physical world and one that required much strength and courage for boys and later men.  This created a form of treatment from a young age to create this strength.

1.  Boy children even less than a year old were (and are) given more aggressive treatment to make them tough to compete in the big physical world.

2. Boys were (and are) not given kind, stabilizing, nurturing, mental, emotional, social, verbal, interaction and other kind, caring treatment for fear of coddling the Male child, again to make them tough.

3.  Boys were (and are) by design not given love, honor, respect unless they display some form of achievement, status, image, etc.  All of this was designed to make boys tough.

         Girls were (and are) given more protection from that big physical world, because it was very physical and bad back then.  Since girls did not have to be tough, girls could be(and are) given much kind, stabilizing, mental, emotional, social, verbal, interaction from a young age without regard to need for strength. Also since girls did not need to be strong, they were (and are) given love honor, and respect simply for being girls.  This protective treatment extended (and extends today) through adulthood.

         Now we are living in the information age where the need and means to make a living have been “completely reversed”.  The toughness, aggressive, neglectful treatment given boys is still in place even from infancy.  This is creating higher average stress that impedes thinking, learning, and motivation to learn (mental reward received for mental work expended).  It also creates higher activity in working class Males, less stability there – activity is used as a natural stress relief.  In addition boys fall behind in writing due to higher muscle tension created by the high average stress that affect handwriting ability and motivation to write.  Note, Middle/Upper class kids do not have this problem of need for higher activity nor do they have the higher muscle tension that inhibits handwriting skills and motivation to write.  The lack of kind, caring mental, emotional, social, verbal interaction create a tremendous lag in mental, emotional, social, and verbal skills. In addition, this creates more wariness of social contact due to lack of accumulated skills and more aggression given to boys from a young age.  This defensiveness also creates the Male Ego or defensive front boys, later men put on to help protect them from aggression they have received.  This further impedes positive social interaction with significant others (teachers).

         Girls on the “other hand” are now reaping a windfall of many fine information age skills.  The much protection and care girls receive from infancy onward create lower average stress, ease of nature (less need for activity for stress relief), and lower muscle tension that makes handwriting easier, more neat, and more rewarding.  The much kind, positive, stabilizing, verbal and other social interaction increase their mental, emotional, social, verbal, and academic skills along with a feeling of love and support as they use that instilled social knowledge in a school setting with teachers.  Since girls were (and are) given love, honor, respect, (no need to be tough) simply for being girls, they have an almost assurance of good treatment in society through adulthood.  This protection also allows for much more freedom of expression to both vent, gain further support, and more care. This is why girls mature faster than boys.  These differences have been socially created.

         Now in the information age and as society has become more unstable, more information dependent, and there is massive support for girls, girls are surging ahead big time.  Recently there is much more allowed aggression allowed upon Males as more instability allows the valve of aggression on Males to increase, but the valve of protection is still left in place for girls.  To  even that, boys have to generate their own feelings of self-worth, for they are only given love, honor, and respect only on condition of sufficient achievement.  Boys who are not succeeding in the classroom do not receive the essentials of self-worth; therefore, they must generate this through other areas such as sports, video games, etc.

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  • Amy

    The way some of these people here talk about the genders, it makes me wonder if they are going to start calling for mass extermination of boys and males because they are not the master gender. I mean the misandry we see is scary, it is growing into epidemic levels and we will all suffer as will future generations for this hatred for boys and men.

  • Ritul

    hey I really like it thanks for this I’ve got a debate on it

  • Rianna

    Very interesting points. I mean before 30 years girls didnt have much rights like voting was not an option but like some said girls fight for rights and express so if girls were not like that then maybe today many rights wouldnt exsist and girls now are capable of doing sports really well and boys are capable of washing up and house work. However boys do mess uo relation ships in their own ways not that girls dont its just that for boys life is more like a game. Down in the school i teach in London if a boy gets slapped they dont hit back they just sheild their face and leave it angrily. So i mean its my opinion and im not being stereo typical im just saying what i see evolve around me. :)

  • Lorcan O'Connor

    Yes, girls have an average iq higher than boys, but what you forget to say is that the best boys are better than the best girls, but the worst boys are worse than the worst girls.

  • paddy

    Well from my experience, being in the top classes for most subjects in school, boys are more clever, but tend to slack off more. Whilst girls are less clever, but work extremely hard to meet the same standards of the highest set.


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