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There are quite a few reasons which acts as hindrances to a boy’s reading habit. I would like to discuss regarding the first one in this ic. It is nothing but the “Advanced Technologies” of this age.

I am a 30 year old male from Kerala, India where the means of entertainment during my childhood days were playing games and reading books (comics and novels). There were a number of comics, magazines and publications available cheaply during that time and were very well provided by the Parents. But now a days, all these has been converted into animated stories which gives only visual pleasure.

In the past, Boys used to refer a lot of books for gaining general knowledge and completing assignments. But now all these are in his finger tips which can be obtained through Internet with the help of powerful search engines. The result is that, he tends to copy and paste the information rather that going through it and preparing notes using the valuable points. Even though there are exceptions, many falls under this category.They don’t even have the habit of News Paper as well.

There is another category called “Computer games”, which are designed and developed in such a way that it is very much similar to the real one. These games affect the boys in adverse manner by making them addict to these games. Boys tend to be in front of computer forgetting about the rest in a age when he is supposed to be highly active.

Again, boys do read in the Internet. But unfortunately, they are too much interested in reading stories posted in porn sites, which really is tampering their whole character.

Being Parent of a 10 year old boy, I feels that we, Parents only can get things back on track.All these issues are caused by the ignorance of Parents. So, Parents, here is the wake up call for all of you including myself. Wake Up……….., its high time to do your best to bring your child into a world full of bright knowledge.



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Bravo Girishpn! I agree with you! The video games and Interent can hurt more than it helps.I do let my boys research on the computer..with me right there. Yes, my boys do have an Xbox BUT can only be on it for 1/2 hr. a day (yes, still too much).

Homework is not done using the computer here at home. If you need to research then yes I will allow it. All reports are first written by hand. I want to see the rough draft. ONLY the final paper is typed on the computer. And while this is being done there NO SURFING of the Internet.

Yes, I have been told I am not liked sometimes by the loving boys but I know in the end it will make things so much better for them.Someday they will look back and thank me..won’t they?? :)


Thanks, Debby


Mike McQueen

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The ic of this post “why boys hate to read” is a very complex concept. I definitely agree with both Debby1 and Girshpin about the dangers of video games and the Internet. I’m not sure, however, if they can hold that powerful a label. I struggle on a daily basis with my daughter’s attraction to video games and the Internet. I do know however that as long as they’re not just playing games on the Internet they are often reading a lot of very insightful things. It’s just important that I monitor their use and check in with them.






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I absolutely agree to Girishpn…That’s true..And parents had their big responsibilty in that case. I don’t have any kids yet, but if they come, I’ll encourage them more to read books…That’s one thing for sure.



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Sad but TRUE…. students now a days even a kinder student do know how to use the internet. My 6 year old niece does know how to browse youtube alone looking for songs and games.

About what Mike said about “DANGERS” of using the internet. To be honest I am one of those kids hahahaha.

When I was eight years old I used to play “atari” and have game and watch. But, I do play those when I am done with my assignments or else my mother will get angry with me. Highschool up to adulthood yes I do keep playing games online and “type 2” diabetes strikes me!!! (because of sedentary life and being in front of the computer for like 24 hours a day and eating).

What I am saying is people not only kids have to LIMIT using of computers and do some physical fitness.

When I was young I always hear from people “kids should learn how to read books” but the problem is TECHNOLOGY is eating it up. Every year we have new gadgets; then when some kids see their friends have a new high technology toy they envy it.

For those people who belong to class D type of family I noticed that they are more interested in reading books and learning because they want to have a future; to help their parents from poverty… unlike some kids who are in the middle class to higher class level of family. Why? Because they can get whatever they want by depending on their parents who have money to be spent. But, still that depends on how his or parents brought them up.




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Ditto. It’s important to monitor the child’s computer activities. Child predators lurk in the WWW. I caution my kids about these people. This is not to scare them but rather to make them aware that such people exist.

Also, I don’t let the kids surf by themselves. There’s always an adult supervising them.



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I do think that if you monitor them it isn’t so bad. I believe that this has taken over reading though. We have others things to do so we don’t tend to want to read. They can surf the web or play video games.



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Parental guidance is a must in this kind of stuffs. They should supervise the activities of the child in using computers specially if their kids are using internet. Kids should be given only limited time in computer games.



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Parents should really take time in monitoring their kids. No one else can put them away from “DANGER” but the parents.

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