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Thanks for the response I received for my previous post. Here I would like to discuss a few more points which will be a continuation of my previous posting.

One thing I observed as a hindrance to the boys reading habit is the lack of quality books and publications. The books published, of whatever nature, lacks the quality which can really attract a boy towards reading it. In my child hood we used to get collection of good, quality stories which really boosted our eagerness to read. But now a days all these child magazines or publications aims only at getting more sale rather than providing the children with quality stories which really gives good messages which can be helpful for them in future.

Another thing I observed is the attraction towards Porn through Internet. Even though this problem is found in grown up boys, this cannot be let out unattended. Most of the boys spend a lot of their time browsing and reading porn stories. In this process, they waste their precious time, money and many more. The negative impact of these sites are that these give a very wrong message regarding human sex and most boys gets into trouble taking them to be fine.

The remedy for this I think would be to provide them with quality publications and encourage them read it. Again parents can very well monitor the use of computer having internet. If these two things can be taken care of, we can atleast prevent boys from going lazy.



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As parents, we should monitor our kids’ internet habits. Turn on the internet’s firewall and filter out porn and other explicit websites. Limit internet time as well. I don’t let my kids spend too much time on the internet unless they’re doing research for school.

The quality of books or publication is a case to case situation. I believe there’s a wealth of quality reading materials out there, we just need to find them.



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I have warned my kids over and over that they need to be very careful on the internet. This is from the time they are little. All you have to do is read the newspaper or watch the news and you will hear things that will scare you for a long time. I do know with teens the danger is in how much information they give out on some of the social sites and the chats. I have reinforced that you never give out your name or location at all.

There is great things to read on the internet but if the younger guys are trying to search something I will do the typing for the search myself. I have made typing mistakes and ah well landed on some pretty not nice places. That is where the use of a parental control comes in handy.


Thanks, Debby



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I see a couple of good reasons why they shrug off the habit of reading.

One is because of the distractions around them. My students come from well off families and they have all sorts of e-gadgets, from PSP’s to high end mobile phones.

Another reason is that teachers give students plenty of reading materials which turns them off to the idea that reading is pleasurable. For them, reading becomes a task, an assignment and not an enjoyable experience. I remember the times when I would be engrossed in reading a novel and this makes me forget the time.

Even good books are made into movies which make students opt for watching it instead of reading it.


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The distractions will never go away. I believe it is best if we help our kids develop good study habits. Good study habits develop over time. And we must be firm with the kids on the rules in regard to their studies. Homeworks first before TV or playtime especially on weekdays.



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Hi Rose

   You are right in your statement that distractions will never go away. We just have to teach the children that there is a time for play and a time for study. And with all the elctronics and such it will get worse. I have the teens with the cell phones and they are messaging away all the time. Yes they do read when messaging but not during homework time.

Back in the OLD DAYS we did not have the television on, friends calling and on and on. When I’m writing I do not have a million things going on aound me. Most of the time I write when the kids are in school or in bed at night. For some reason I just can’t write when I hear MOOOOOM for the 50th time in a row. :)

I do know this stems from my study habits when I was younger. I work in the quiet and get much more accomplished.



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I agree. I think we should buy books that they are interested in. Maybe get them away from the games and computer to read something of quality.



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Hindrances and distractions are always there…But we can always find ways to prevent it..Parents should always monitor the study habits as well..Just always try to show your kids that it is always for their own good. You can set some examples for the disadvantages of just watching movies, or using internet instead of reading books. Always there to remind them.



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We have less distractions when we were kids. When I was in grade school, I only get to watch cartoons on weekends! My mom was very strict with us when we were in school. Studies first before anything else.



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I have to agree there Rose. Seems like everything was much stricter back then. I can’t even image TRYING to sail in thr door after school and turning on the TV before homework and chores were done.

I have seen the outcome of those that were raised by parents who did not think homework was important and the TV was on during the homework time. I now watch these people try to read and my heart sinks because they struggle and still have no discipline when it comes time to read something. If the television is on that is what gets the attention and the object in hand does not get read and not comprehended.



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It is true that quality of books nowadays aren’t as good as way back then. Volumes of productions are being focused more than the content. It’s more commercialized. Aside from that, i noticed that more books promotes explicit acts…its like it is the one which is being promoted more than the value of education for children.

With regards to internet, kids should be guided and monitored more by parents as to what are those sites that their kids often browse.

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