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I love inspirational quotes. I have them tacked up all over my house and floating around in my head, just to motivate me when I need a little nudge. But as I look around my home and office at all the books I own with wise words from smart people, I realize they’re pretty female-focused. Many of the quotes are “touchy-feely” and even the designs have a feminine flair.

I guess that’s why I’m so jazzed about
this new book called The Boy’s Book of Positive Quotations. It’s written by Steve Deger, who co-created the best-selling line of Positive Quotations books. But this is not just another quote book; it’s illustrated by popular manga artist Queenie Chan, which means it’s filled with Japanese comics (huge with boys ages 8-12). And the intro to each section (32 ways to be an unspable kid) sound like they’re written by a way-cool older brother. What a genius way to package motivational quotes in a book for boys!

I’m actually giving away three autographed copies of the book on my own blogthis week, so if it sounds like something the boys in your life would love, s on over!

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