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That’s right the third longest running children’s program on PBS will no longer be broadcasting. And why? No one will pay to support it.

For those of you not watching children’s programming in the 80s…

The show first aired in 1983 (the year prior to my birth) and has been on ever since, with several new owners in the 2000s and then starting re-reruns in 2006. The show would showcase children’s books, often with readings with illustrations being shown, as well as with readings by celebrities. They centered around a common theme, and also provided information on additional books for later reading.

What’s wrong with this picture?

According to principals pushed by the Bush Administration regarding education, we should be focusing on literary principals and actually teaching kids to read. Reading Rainbow instead focused on encouraging kids to continue to read books.

In my opinion…

So the networks want to fight literacy with one method, which sounds much like trying to win an NFL game with only a running game if you ask me. While it is true that reading mechanics are necessary and should be fostered with educational programming, without actually presenting reading as fun and showcasing all the different types of books out there, you may end up with children with lots of skill and little love. Is that really a solution to the literacy problem?

Not to get too political here, but perhaps this focus is short sighted? It’s just a shame that public broadcasting has moved their scope so far to please the powers above.

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