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Does your kid want to be a doctor?

You don’t make your kid anything. You can make him or her successful by encouraging them in whatever they do and putting an emphasis on education and schoolwork. Tell them they’ll have more choices after public school if they work hard and get good grades and will have to settle for less than the best if they slack off.

Then you will have a successful doctor or teacher or engineer or actor or banker or social worker who is a genuine person and pursued his or her own passion instead of living for their parents.


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This is so true. So many parents just try to relive their lives through their children. Forcing them in a particular direction instead of helping and encouraging them.





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Yes, I agree 100%. My children are told from the time they are little that they can be whatever they choose to be. I have one who is well on his way in computer aided design.

Now when he first told me I had no clue what it was. And yes, he looked at me with those teenage eyes like I had just crawled out from under a rock.

I have always tried to instill in them that need to be good readers to do anything they choose. And NEVER let anyone tell them they are not smart enough to do something.


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I totally agree with this. The child should have the freedom to express what he wanted to do for his own life and not what parents would like him to do.

Well some parents tend to relive the things they haven’t done in their younger years. they wanted their children to pursue their own dreams not knowing that they step on the right of their kids to choose and follow the life they wanted to have.

In fairness to the parents, we know that when things like this happens, it is just because of their great love for their children. They only wanted the best things for all of them in their point of view.

Anyway, this can be resolve with reasons for both sides. the child’s welfare and his interests comes first though.



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As parents, we are a great influence to our kids but at the same time we should not be forcing our frustrations on them. I know a couple of friends who were forced into taking such courses because their parents want them to be this and that. We know that they want what’s best for us but at the same time parents should also respect their children’s decisions especially when they are of age and if it is their life which is in stake.


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