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If your child is reading

At school you should see teachers…

* Continuing to teach letter-sound relationships for children who need more practice. On average, children need about two years of instruction in letter-sound relationships to become good spellers as well as readers.

* Teaching the meaning of words, especially words that are important to understanding a book.

* Teaching ways to learn the meaning of new words. Teachers cannot possibly teach students the meaning of every new word they see or read. Children should be taught how to use dictionaries to learn word meanings, how to use known words and word parts to figure out other words, and how to get clues about a word from the rest of the sentence.

* Helping children understand what they are reading. Good readers think as they read and they know whether what they are reading is making sense. Teachers help children to check their understanding. When children are having difficulty, teachers show them ways to figure out the meaning of what they are reading.

At home you can help your child by…

* Rereading familiar books. Children need practice in reading comfortably and with expression using books they know.

* Building reading accuracy. As your child is reading aloud, point out words he missed and help him read words correctly. If you s to focus on a word, have your child reread the whole sentence to be sure he understands the meaning.

* Building reading comprehension. Talk with your child about what she is reading. Ask about new words. Talk about what happened in a story. Ask about the characters, places, and events that took place. Ask what new information she has learned from the book. Encourage her to read on her own.

Make reading a part of every day

* Share conversations with your child over meal times and other times you are together. Children learn words more easily when they hear them spoken often. Introduce new and interesting words at every opportunity.

* Read together every day. Spend time talking about stories, pictures, and words.

* Be your child’s best advocate. Keep informed about your child’s progress in reading and ask the teacher about ways you can help.

* Be a reader and a writer. Children learn habits from the people around them.

* Visit the library often. Story times, computers, homework help, and other exciting activities await the entire family.



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Great inputs, Ayoub. These steps are really helpful in getting our kids to read more. Role models are important indeed. We can’t just tell the kids that they should more. We have to show them that we’re also reading more.



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Those tips are so helpful!..There will be always a great time for parents and children, children and teachers for a good read at the same time a good talk…



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The above mentioned tips are very nice. thanks Ayoub for sharing it with us. Its like hitting two birds in one stone, relationship of parents and child, and or teacher and learner could improve but also the ability of the child to read.



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Wonderful reading Ayoubmarket. I strongly believe once the children are in school that the relationship between the teacher and parent has a huge impact on a childs reading also.

You know your child the best and if he/she is struggling in an area then it is time to speak with the teacher who is working with your child. Yes, the teacher is with your child all day but both the parent and teacher should be teaching the child together. If your childs teacher sees your child struggling with soomething you should know. It also works the other way around. My son would get so frustrated with math word problems and act out at home but not in school over them.


Thanks, Debby



Location: Setif, Algeria

Positions: Classroom Teacher Administrator, English Teacher

Thanks every one for your replies, I want to add something : is that the relation ship “child-teacher-parent” is an important thing to build the child confidence because when we give him intention he will try to do more and improve his studying or reading level.



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You are very right Ayoubmarket. When the kids know I am in close contact with the teachers they do try harder and behave better. I think my boys think it may not be such a great thing that I converse with the principle at the schools on a regular basis. If they get spoken to by the principle for doing something out of character in class or school the first thing they do is walk through the door from school and let me know right away. They know they had better let me know before I get the phone call. :)



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“Make reading a part of every day!”

For me Ayoub, I think this is what is essential. Reading should be part of your child’s daily routine. He can read serious matters, comic books, magazines or newspapers as long as you allot a time for him to read. Later on in his life he will thank you because this routine will become a habit.


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